Our responsibility


As official Partners for Nature with WWF, we support their tremendous work to improve nature and the people who live off it, in specific projects.

We care about every bit of our production - from the air the workers in the factory breathe, to the materials used in our packaging. We believe that good quality watches should be for everyone, and that a conscious path is a matter of course.

Therefore, we are proud to partner with the global leaders of nature protection, the World Wildlife Fund, that runs more than 1500 projects all around the world, to protect the wildlife and environment.


Our packaging is made with a multiple purpose in mind. We wanted to create a sleek case that doubles as a transport and a presentation case. This means, that instead of the traditional inner box, outer box, plus transportation box, we have one box for all, lowering our materials use drastically.

The box is made from premium FSC certified craft paper, with protective pyramid foam inside. To add further protection, we packed every component in recyclable aluminum bags.

We believe this is the packaging of the future, and we’re already looking to develop this further, with even more eco friendly materials.