“I have always had a significant interest in watches and great designs, so when given the opportunity to join Oliver Green, I did not hesitate for a second."

Alex Høgh Andersen, Actor and co-founder of Oliver Green

Get to know Alex

Q: We thought it was time for a talking watches session - are you up for that?

A: Sure! Let’s go! 

Q: First of all, to those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

A: I’m a Danish actor, photographer, philanthropist and part-owner of Oliver Green. I live in Copenhagen and love spending my spare time with friends and family. I'm a big fan of music, food, basketball, photography and food again. Pretty standard and relatable stuff, you know.

Q: Now that we know who you are, let’s get on with the watches! What are you wearing right now?

A: Right now I’m wearing the champagne Arbor with the brown fabric ‘wave nato’ band. I love the color combination of the subtle hint of champagne in the elegant watch and the casual brown fabric band. I find I can wear it to almost anything.

Q: So, you are on set, it’s an action movie, and you need to jump off a roof into a driving car - what watch/strap combo would you choose for that?

A: Probably the black Mare with the black rubber strap for the combination of maximum comfort and robustness. Sounds like two things that would be great to have more of if I’m jumping into a driving car from a roof.

Q: Change of scenery; you are invited to dinner at the in-laws, and it’s your first time meeting them, so you want to make a good impression. What are your watch choice for that?

A: Either the brown or the white Caeli with the dark brown leather strap. That’s my go-to. “Dress to impress” they say and you really wanna impress your in-laws.

Q: We know you like to travel, and because of your work, you travel quite a lot. Can you walk us through how you choose the watches you bring for your trips?

A: For my travels I bring one of each watch. Arbor for the everyday things as I love the chronograph design, Mare when I’m active, hiking, swimming, shooting pictures and don’t wanna feel limited by a fancy fragile watch. Last but not least I bring the Caeli for going out and having fun.

Q: Lastly, besides being a watch guy, tell us what projects you’re working on at the moment?

A: Right now I’m currently shooting a danish crime TV-show. After that a movie in Barcelona and then my own tv-show that I’ve developed with on of my best friends at Nordisk Film. Exciting stuff!